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You can talk with everyone in your organization worldwide for free no setup fee. Call other networks in Nigeria in a cheaper rate per min. Also you can make unlimited calls to US, UK & Canada. Other countries are on demand.

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  • Set up max 6 mins
  • Free calls
  • 24 Hours support
6X Faster Communications

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  • Use your PC to make and answer calls (all networks)
  • Use browser (chrome, & Firefox) to make and answer calls
  • Unlimited calls to UK, US & Canada in a cheaper rate
  • Have a memorable telephone number
  • Play music while callers are waiting to be answered
  • Redirect calls to your mobiles automatically when you are out
  • Transfer calls to internal extensions or to mobiles
  • Set up three-way conference calls
  • Record voicemail messages and forward these to your email
  • Record telephone conversations
  • See if your team are missing calls
  • Ring another phone if one is busy or doesn’t answer
  • Redirect calls to existing phone numbers
  • Ring all phones at the same time or in sequence
  • See which team is handling the most calls
  • Listen to your voicemail when you are out of the office
  • See how long it is taking the team to answer calls
  • See which of your numbers people are calling
  • Share a telephone directory between all phones
  • Play greeting messages or advert to your callers

Major Concerns using 6X Services

6X is an innovative Telecommunication provider in Nigeria that is 6x faster. We have solved this general problem such as uptime, performance, and security

99.9% Uptime

Security & daily backups

Servers Infrastructure

What Clients Are Saying About Us

Existing and recent clients don’t stop recommending us.

“More deals for us thank you for your services.”
Esther Eze
CEO Sensation perfumes

“Honestly this designer is mind-blowing.”
Pispah Ubua
Manager Urban Blitz

“l Love your communication style.”
Ifedayo​ Doko

“We trust you for delivering six times faster.”
​David Adewumi

Cheapest International Rates

Algeria 432.101/1
Burkina Faso387.551/1
Burundi 311.821/1
Cabo Verde164.821/1
Central African Republic779.561/1
Djibouti 227.181/1
Equatorial Guinea298.461/1
Eritrea 133.641/1
Eswatini 160.371/1
Gabon 271.731/1
Gambia 632.551/1
Ghana 360.821/1
Liberia 632.551/1
Mauritania 383.101/1
Morocco 307.371/1
Mozambique 534.551/1
Niger 552.371/1
Nigeria 142.551/1
Rwanda 155.911/1
Saotome And Principe 1425.471/1
Senegal 409.821/1
Seychelles 534.551/1
Sierra Leone490.011/1
Somalia 717.191/1
South Africa 316.281/1
South Sudan320.731/1
Uganda 204.911/1
United Kingdom Fix1.781/1
United Kingdom Mobile12.471/1
Albania Fix84.641/1
Albania Mobile167.941/1
Austria Fix8.021/1
Austria Mobile8.021/1
Belarus Fix155.911/1
Belarus Mobile160.371/1
Belgium Fix8.911/1
Belgium mobile164.821/1
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fix75.731/1
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile173.731/1
Bulgaria Fix7.571/1
Bulgaria Mobile173.731/1
Croatia Fix75.731/1
Croatia mobile75.731/1
Czech Republic Fix120.271/1
Czech Republic mobile373.741/1
Denmark fix6.241/1
Denmark Mobile8.911/1
Estonia fix147.001/1
Estonia Mobile165.271/1
Finland Fix26.731/1
Finland Mobile165.271/1
France Fix2.671/1
France Mobile15.591/1
Germany fix0.891/1
Germany Mobile10.691/1
Greece Fix13.361/1
Greece Mobile37.861/1
Netherland Fix8.021/1
Netherland Mobile 8.021/1
Norway Fix 2.231/1
Norway Mobile 3.561/1
Poland Fix66.821/1
Poland Mobile7.571/1
Portugal Fix12.921/1
Portugal Mobile75.731/1
Romania Fix0.891/1
Romani Mobile 44.101/1
Russia Fix40.091/1
Russia Mobile 129.181/1
Serbia Fix75.731/1
Serbia Mobile169.271/1
Slovakia Fix 17.821/1
Slovakia Mobile 4.451/1
Spain Fix 4.451/1
Spain Mobile26.731/1
Sweden Fix 17.821/1
Sweden Mobile 17.821/1
Switzerland Fix62.361/1
Switzerland Mobile62.361/1
Ukraine Fix 83.301/1
Ukraine Mobile133.191/1
Antigua and Barbuda Fix111.371/1
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile 77.961/1
Bahamas Fix129.181/1
Bahamas Mobile 120.271/1
Belize Fix129.181/1
Belize Mobile 120.271/1
Canada Fix 26.281/1
Costa Rica Fix 8.461/1
Costa Rica Mobile 40.981/1
Dominica Fix 111.376/6
Dominica Mobile 111.376/6
Dominican Republic Fix13.816/6
Dominican Republic Mobile 75.736/6
El Salvador Fix 88.651/1
El Salvador Mobile 84.641/1
Grenada Fix8.461/1
Grenada Mobile 66.821/1
Guatemala Fix 88.201/1
Guatemala Mobile66.821/1
Jamaica Fix 78.401/1
Jamaica 85.531/1
Mexico Fix4.0160/60
Mexico Mobile 4.0160/60
Nicaragua Fix 82.861/1
Panama Fix12.921/1
Panama Mobile 54.791/1
Saint Lucia Fix 89.096/6
Saint Lucia Mobile 106.916/6
Saint Vincent And Grenadines Fix80.186/6
Saint Vincent And Grenadines Mobile80.186/6
United State of America 3.416/6
DestinationsRate/Min $Billing
Argentina Fix111.371/1
Argentina Mobile111.371/1
Bolivia Fix133.641/1
Bolivia Mobile133.641/1
Brazil Fix115.821/1
Brazil Mobile115.821/1
Chile Fix423.191/1
Chile Mobile423.191/1
Colombia Fix93.551/1
Colombia Mobile93.551/1
Ecuador Fix133.641/1
Ecuador Mobile133.641/1
Guyana Fix138.091/1
Guyana Mobile138.091/1
Paraguay Fix93.551/1
Paraguay Mobile93.551/1
Peru Fix160.371/1
Peru Mobile160.371/1
Suriname Fix191.551/1
Suriname Mobile191.551/1
Uruguay Fix84.641/1
Uruguay Mobile84.641/1
Venezuela Fix89.091/1
Venezuela Mobile89.091/1
Afghanistan Mobile89.091/1
Armenia Fix0.2501/1
Armenia Mobile129.181/1
Bahrain Fix53.461/1
Bahrain Mobile66.821/1
Bangladesh Fix10.251/1
Bangladesh Mobile9.801/1
Brunei Fix21.831/1
Brunei Mobile 21.831/1
Cambodia Fix21.831/1
Cambodia Mobile35.191/1
China 178.181/1
India Fix16.931/1
India Mobile 16.931/1
Indonesia Fix16.481/1
Indonesia Mobile$.481/1
Iraq Fix98.451/1
Iraq Mobile98.451/1
Japan Fix4.011/1
Japan Mobile 14.251/1
Jordan Fix79.741/1
Jordan Mobile79.741/1
Kazakhstan Fix214.271/1
Kazakhstan Mobile107.361/1
Kuwait Fix20.051/1
Kuwait Mobile20.051/1
Lebanon Fix36.081/1
Lebanon Mobile 77.511/1
Malaysia Fix17.821/1
Malaysia Mobile17.821/1
Myanmar Fix84.641/1
Myanmar Mobile 129.181/1
Nepal Fix72.611/1
Nepal Mobile 60.581/1
North Korea348.351/1
Pakistan Fix21.831/1
Pakistan Mobile25.841/1
Palestine 162.591/1
Philippines Fix3.561/1
Philippines Mobile 62.811/1
Qatar Fix 84.641/1
Qatar Mobile84.641/1
Russia Fix40.091/1
Russia Mobile129.181/1
Saudi Arabia Fix71.271/1
Saudi Arabia Mobile71.271/1
Singapore Fix17.821/1
Singapore Mobile17.821/1
Sri Lanka Fix17.821/1
Sri Lanka Mobile62.361/1
Syria Fix62.361/1
Syria Mobile 129.181/1
Taiwan Fix17.821/1
Taiwan Mobile 40.091/1
Thailand Fix22.271/1
Thailand Mobile 22.271/1
Turkey Fix26.731/1
Turkey Mobile89.091/1
United Arab Emirates Fix77.511/1
United Arab Emirates Mobile77.511/1
Vietnam Fix27.6260/1
Vietnam Mobile27.6260/1
Yemen Fix66.821/1
Yemen Mobile66.821/1
Australia fix3.561/1
Australia Mobile 8.911/1
American Samoa Fix20.0560/60
American Mobile 20.0560/60
Guam All 7.571/1
New Zealand Fix8.021/1
New Zealand Mobile 16.041/1
Samoa Fix20.0560/60
Samoa Mobile 20.0560/60

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