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6X, Nigeria Business Telecom

Get 6x free voice calls with secure all-in-one future-ready business VoIP cloud PBX solutions to grow your business 6x in Nigeria. Start with a 6X account for free pay as you go.

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Call all network ₦7.55/Min

  • Set up max 6 mins
  • Free inbound calls
  • 24 Hours support

6X VoIP Endless Possibilities

  • Use your PC to make and answer calls (all networks)
  • Use your browser (chrome, & firefox) to make and answer calls
  • Play greeting messages to your callers
  • Have a memorable telephone number
  • Play music while callers are waiting to be answered
  • Redirect calls to your mobiles automatically when you are out
  • Transfer calls to internal extensions or to mobiles
  • Set up three-way conference calls
  • Record voicemail messages and forward these to your email
  • Record telephone conversations
  • See if my team are missing calls
  • Ring another phone if one is busy or doesn’t answer
  • Redirect calls to existing phone numbers
  • Ring all phones at the same time or in sequence
  • See which team is handling the most calls
  • Listen to your voicemail when you are out of the office
  • See how long it is taking the team to answer calls
  • See which of your numbers people are calling
  • Share a telephone directory between all phones
  • And many more contacts 6x, we make it happen 6x faster

Major Concerns using 6X VoIP Services

6x PBX is an innovative cloud system that is 6x faster. We have solved this general problem such as uptime, performance, and security

99.9% Uptime

Security & daily backups

Cloud Infrastructure

What Clients Are Saying About Us

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Pispah Ubua
Manager Urban Blitz

“l Love your communication style.”
Ifedayo​ Doko

“We trust you for delivering six times faster.”
​David Adewumi

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