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A-Z VoIP International Rates

Algeria $0.971/1
Burkina Faso$0.871/1
Burundi $0.701/1
Cabo Verde$0.371/1
Central African Republic$1.751/1
Djibouti $0.511/1
Equatorial Guinea$0.671/1
Eritrea $0.301/1
Eswatini $0.361/1
Gabon $0.611/1
Gambia $1.421/1
Ghana $0.811/1
Liberia $1.421/1
Mauritania $0.861/1
Morocco $0.691/1
Mozambique $1.201/1
Niger $1.241/1
Nigeria $0.321/1
Rwanda $0.351/1
Saotome And Principe $3.201/1
Senegal $0.921/1
Seychelles $1.201/1
Sierra Leone$1.101/1
Somalia $1.611/1
South Africa $0.711/1
South Sudan$0.721/1
Uganda $0.461/1
United Kingdom Fix$0.0041/1
United Kingdom Mobile$0.0281/1
Albania Fix$0.1901/1
Albania Mobile$0.3771/1
Austria Fix$0.0181/1
Austria Mobile$0.0181/1
Belarus Fix$0.3501/1
Belarus Mobile$0.3601/1
Belgium Fix$0.0201/1
Belgium mobile$0.3701/1
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fix$0.1701/1
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile$0.3901/1
Bulgaria Fix$0.0171/1
Bulgaria Mobile$0.3901/1
Croatia Fix$0.1701/1
Croatia mobile$0.1701/1
Czech Republic Fix$0.2701/1
Czech Republic mobile$0.8391/1
Denmark fix$0.0141/1
Denmark Mobile$0.0201/1
Estonia fix$0.3301/1
Estonia Mobile$0.3711/1
Finland Fix$0.0601/1
Finland Mobile$0.3711/1
France Fix$0.0061/1
France Mobile$0.0351/1
Germany fix$0.0021/1
Germany Mobile$0.0241/1
Greece Fix$0.0301/1
Greece Mobile$0.0851/1
Netherland Fix$0.0181/1
Netherland Mobile $0.0181/1
Norway Fix $0.0051/1
Norway Mobile $0.0081/1
Poland Fix$0.1501/1
Poland Mobile$0.0171/1
Portugal Fix$0.0291/1
Portugal Mobile$0.1701/1
Romania Fix$0.0021/1
Romani Mobile $0.0991/1
Russia Fix$0.0901/1
Russia Mobile $0.2901/1
Serbia Fix$0.1701/1
Serbia Mobile$0.3801/1
Slovakia Fix $0.0401/1
Slovakia Mobile $0.0101/1
Spain Fix $0.0101/1
Spain Mobile$0.0601/1
Sweden Fix $0.0401/1
Sweden Mobile $0.0401/1
Switzerland Fix$0.1401/1
Switzerland Mobile$0.1401/1
Ukraine Fix $0.1871/1
Ukraine Mobile$0.2991/1
Antigua and Barbuda Fix$0.2501/1
Antigua and Barbuda Mobile $0.1751/1
Bahamas Fix$0.2901/1
Bahamas Mobile $0.2701/1
Belize Fix$0.2901/1
Belize Mobile $0.2701/1
Canada Fix $0.0591/1
Costa Rica Fix $0.0191/1
Costa Rica Mobile $0.0921/1
Dominica Fix $0.2506/6
Dominica Mobile $0.2506/6
Dominican Republic Fix$0.0316/6
Dominican Republic Mobile $0.1706/6
El Salvador Fix $0.1991/1
El Salvador Mobile $0.1901/1
Grenada Fix$0.0191/1
Grenada Mobile $0.1501/1
Guatemala Fix $0.1981/1
Guatemala Mobile$0.1501/1
Jamaica Fix $0.1761/1
Jamaica $0.1921/1
Mexico Fix$0.00960/60
Mexico Mobile $0.00960/60
Nicaragua Fix $0.1861/1
Panama Fix$0.0291/1
Panama Mobile $0.1231/1
Saint Lucia Fix $0.2006/6
Saint Lucia Mobile $0.2406/6
Saint Vincent And Grenadines Fix$0.1806/6
Saint Vincent And Grenadines Mobile$0.1806/6
United State of America $0.00776/6
Destinations$ Rate/Min Billing
Argentina Fix$ 0.251/1
Argentina Mobile$0.251/1
Bolivia Fix$0.301/1
Bolivia Mobile$0.301/1
Brazil Fix$0.261/1
Brazil Mobile$0.261/1
Chile Fix$0.951/1
Chile Mobile$0.951/1
Colombia Fix$0.211/1
Colombia Mobile$0.211/1
Ecuador Fix$0.301/1
Ecuador Mobile$0.301/1
Guyana Fix$0.311/1
Guyana Mobile$0.311/1
Paraguay Fix$0.211/1
Paraguay Mobile$0.211/1
Peru Fix$0.361/1
Peru Mobile$0.361/1
Suriname Fix$0.431/1
Suriname Mobile$0.431/1
Uruguay Fix$0.191/1
Uruguay Mobile$0.191/1
Venezuela Fix$0.201/1
Venezuela Mobile$0.201/1
Afghanistan Mobile$0.2001/1
Armenia Fix$0.2501/1
Armenia Mobile$0.2901/1
Bahrain Fix$0.1201/1
Bahrain Mobile$0.1501/1
Bangladesh Fix$0.0231/1
Bangladesh Mobile$0.0221/1
Brunei Fix$0.0491/1
Brunei Mobile $0.0491/1
Cambodia Fix$0.0491/1
Cambodia Mobile$0.0791/1
China $0.4001/1
India Fix$0.0381/1
India Mobile $0.0381/1
Indonesia Fix$0.0371/1
Indonesia Mobile$0.0371/1
Iraq Fix$0.2211/1
Iraq Mobile$0.2211/1
Japan Fix$0.0091/1
Japan Mobile $0.0321/1
Jordan Fix$0.1791/1
Jordan Mobile$0.1791/1
Kazakhstan Fix$0.4811/1
Kazakhstan Mobile$0.2411/1
Kuwait Fix$0.0451/1
Kuwait Mobile$0.0451/1
Lebanon Fix$0.0811/1
Lebanon Mobile $0.1741/1
Malaysia Fix$0.0401/1
Malaysia Mobile$0.0401/1
Myanmar Fix$0.1901/1
Myanmar Mobile $0.2901/1
Nepal Fix$0.1631/1
Nepal Mobile $0.1361/1
North Korea$0.7821/1
Pakistan Fix$0.0491/1
Pakistan Mobile$0.0581/1
Palestine $0,3651/1
Philippines Fix$0.0081/1
Philippines Mobile $0.1411/1
Qatar Fix $0.1901/1
Qatar Mobile$0.1901/1
Russia Fix$0.0901/1
Russia Mobile$0.2901/1
Saudi Arabia Fix$0.1601/1
Saudi Arabia Mobile$0.1601/1
Singapore Fix$0.0401/1
Singapore Mobile$0.0401/1
Sri Lanka Fix$0.0401/1
Sri Lanka Mobile$0.1401/1
Syria Fix$0.1401/1
Syria Mobile $0.2901/1
Taiwan Fix$0.0401/1
Taiwan Mobile $0.0901/1
Thailand Fix$0.0501/1
Thailand Mobile $0.0501/1
Turkey Fix$0.0601/1
Turkey Mobile$0.2001/1
United Arab Emirates Fix$0.1741/1
United Arab Emirates Mobile$0.1741/1
Vietnam Fix$0.06260/1
Vietnam Mobile$0.06260/1
Yemen Fix$0.1501/1
Yemen Mobile$0.1501/1
Australia fix$0.0081/1
Australia Mobile $0.0201/1
American Samoa Fix$0.04560/60
American Mobile $0.04560/60
Guam All $0.0171/1
New Zealand Fix$0.0181/1
New Zealand Mobile $0.0361/1
Samoa Fix$0.04560/60
Samoa Mobile $0.04560/60

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