What Is QR Code For Beginners

A QR Code (quick response code) is a machine-readable code made up of a matrix of black and white squares that is commonly used to store URLs or other data for scanning by a smartphone’s camera.

Usually, a QR code is black and white.

Who told you that QR codes just need to be black and white? As shown below is a customized QR code generated from 6x QR code generator

Customize QR code

When scanned you will generate your customized, editable (after printed), and trackable QR code.

Scan it with your camera or use a QR code reader or application now to see how it works.

In actuality, QR codes frequently include information for a locator, identifier, or tracker that directs users to a website or application.

What you’ll learn

Brief History of QR Codes

A QR code is a sort of matrix barcode or 2D (two-dimensional) barcode devised in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Japanese automaker.

Why did Denso Wave develop a QR Code?

There is a need for high-speed reading. Which Barcode is not capable of.

When was QR Code Standardize?

After the development in the year 1994, it was registered to the AIMI (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility International) in 1997 and to ISO (International Organization for Standardization)/IEC standards in 2000.

In 2004 Mirco QR Code was standardized as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) -X-0510.

Go in-depth in the history here.

QR code has specifications to store data.

Specification of QR Codes

To store data efficiently, a QR code employs four standardized specifications:

  • numeric
  • alphanumeric
  • byte/binary and
  • kanji

Additions may optionally be employed.

In a QR Code, the black or white square also known as the smallest element is called “a module”.


Smallest symbol size21×21 modules
Largest symbol177×177 modules
Maximum data capacity Numeric
7089 characters
4296 characters
1817 characters
Specifications of QR codes

What is the Composition of QR code?

QR code contains error correction level and masks numbers, data area, and error correction code that is composed of a combination of

  • black and white modules
  • position detection patterns
  • alignment patterns
  • margin patterns
  • timing patterns,
  • format information

QR Code Position Detection Patterns

What are QR code detection patterns? The position detection patterns are arranged at three corners of the QR codes. (Micro QR has one)

Wonder how QR code is detected? The position of a QR code is detected with the position detection patterns that allow high-speed reading.

From any position of A, B, and C, the rate of black and white modules is 1:1:3:1:1 to specify the rotation angle/displacement of the code.

how-is-qr-code detected
Qr code detection pattern

It significantly improves work efficiency, because it can be read from any direction.

Alignment Pattern

An alignment pattern in the QR code is used for position detection when there is a displacement of modules due to distortion.

QR code alignment pattern

Margin Patterns

The margin is a space surrounding the QR code that is left blank.

QR code margin pattern

What is QR Code Timing Pattern

To calculate the coordinate, white and black modules are alternately placed.

QR code timing pattern

Format Information

While scanning a QR code, the format information is read first when the code is decoded. It contains the error correction rate and mask pattern of the code.

Qr code format information

Error Correction Code

The Reed-Solomon code is used to reconstruct, recover or restore data when a section of a QR code is broken, missing, damaged.

Error correction spot
Error correction stain
Error correction data missing
Error Correction LevelDamaged Area to Entire Code Size
L: Low7%
M: Medium15%
Q: Quality25%
H: High30%
Reed-Solomon error correction Level

The restoration rate is varied for each of the four error correction levels.

Arrangement of 6x Error Correcting Code

The following diagram shows how the data and error-correcting code are organized in 6x QR code.


How 6x error correction works? A mask is applied to the code to prevent the same pattern with the position detection pattern from appearing.

Uses of QR Codes

There are different areas in which QR Codes can be used, let us take a look at some of these areas;

  • Quick downloads
  • Directing clients to a landing page
  • Finding address
  • For sending of email
  • To get contact information
  • To show customers the products and services you offer
  • Payments
  • Restaurants ordering
  • Loyalty program
  • Id tags
  • Website login
  • Product tracing
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Electronic Authentication, and many more.

How to Start a QR Code Business

Now you know a lot of uses cases for QR codes, how can you make your knowledge profitable? Start a QR Code business.

Sign up now


What is a QR code? It means (quick response code) and was developed by Denso wave.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What kind of Information Can I put in my 6x QR Code?

    Character, numbers, kanji. It can store a gallery of pictures, video playlist, music or sound demo, PDF, vouchers, sell any products( for example food, real estate, clothes, bags, shoes, e.t.c), and information on how to reach you or your business, and so much more.

    In addition, it’s customizable, trackable, and editable (only dynamic) plus a free mobile-friendly landing page if you don’t have a website.

  2. How can I generate a QR code Right now?


    Once you already have an idea of the kind of information you want to share with your target audience, go to 6x QR Generator or scan the QR code on the right-hand side.

    Then signup and select the appropriate type of Code or landing page of your choice.

    Fill in the required information and customize your QR Code to match your brand’s image or your personal preferences. Easy-peasy.

  3. What’s the difference between a static and dynamic QR code?

    Static QR codes are not trackable. Dynamic QR codes are trackable with real-time advanced analysis.

    Dynamic QR codes are editable after printed, static QR codes are not.

  4. How can a 6x QR Code help my Business Grow?

    1. 6x QR Codes are like a bridge between the offline (scan with Camera) and Online (cross a bridge and go online) world.

    2. QR Codes can help you connect with your audiences by providing more information about your company. This includes: what you stand for, materials containing your products, or the many services you can provide.

    Additionally, the advanced metric tracking feature helps you understand better the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns.

    You’ll also learn more about where and who your audience is, and improve how you deliver content on your website, social media platforms, and through your print marketing.

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