How to Give a Great Gift to Someone you Know Well [Main Points]

Finding a great gift for someone you know well might be stressful, difficult, daunting, and frustrating.

Finding a present that the recipient will appreciate requires some consideration and an understanding of the recipient’s personality and tastes.

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Including finding a great gift for someone you don’t know well.

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To give a great gift to someone you know well, this is what people say works for them:

#1- Write a List of The Person’s Likes and Dislikes.

Make the gift more personal by sitting down and drafting a list of the recipient’s interests and preferences, whether it’s video games or Chinese food.

write a list of the persons interest and preferences

How to Do It

  • Try to jot down as many specific products, items or experiences as the person has told you or is known to enjoy.
  • Consider the person’s personality type: introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. Why? This will assist you in determining what type of experience is best for them.
  • Carefully consider their age. A 45-year-old may not enjoy the same gift as a 16-year-old. For example, some old people would’nt want candy or chocolate as a gift.
  • Learn about their interests. If the recipient enjoys traveling, consider sending luggage as a present.

#2- Think About How Close You are to That Person.

If you have a close relationship with the person, whether intimate or platonic, you may choose a more personal present.

How to Do It

If you are not close to the recipient, consider a present that is more helpful or accessible. As an example:

  • For a romantic companion, a romantic, considerate, or heartfelt present would be appropriate. It might be a gift of an experience or even an experience, such as a fancy meal.
  • A gift card is usually a safe option when it comes to an acquaintance. They can spend money on whatever they choose.

#3- Identify Any Items That The Individual May Need

Consider any items the person may require in their daily life or a large buy that the person needs to make but has been putting off.

identify any items the individual needs

How to Do It

  • This could be a new kitchen gadget the recipient has been admiring or a new bag for a new school year.
  • Look for practical gifts that nevertheless seem like pleasure, as the gift may be out of the person’s budget or the person may not have time to go out and acquire the item themselves.
  • Avoid exceeding their budget since it may be perceived as an insult – think what will be a surprise but not a shock.

#4- Check The Person’s Internet Shopping Lists

If you can gain access to the person’s account, you can browse their wish list and choose a present from there.

Many online businesses, such as eBay, Amazon, Konga, Alibaba, Jumia, and Etsy, allow customers to create online wish lists of things they like or want.

How to Do It

  • Only look at persons account if you’re close to them and believe they won’t mind you looking at their account.
  • If the person does not have a wish list, pay attention to what they say. For example, take it as a hint if they frequently mention how much they adore a particular gown!

#5- Consider Presenting The Recipient with a Personal Gift

There is a variety of personalized gifts such as photographs of the two of you that you know the individual enjoys.

How to Do It

  • Give them the framed photos as a heartfelt and meaningful gift that they may display in their house.
  • Another alternative is to collect sentimental artefacts, such as a souvenir from your first vacation together, and store them in a memory box.

#6- Arrange For an Experience to be Given as a Present

Giving the gift of an experience is often more meaningful than giving a person a physical item.

This may be a couples massage, a skydiving date, or dinner at the individual’s favourite restaurant.

How to Do It

  • Consider experiences that will surprise and excite the recipient, as these are likely to leave a lasting impression.
  • You can also provide the individual with an experience in the form of audiobooks. This would allow the individual to spend her time learning and listening to a wonderful story.

#7- Create a Handcrafted Gift

Because they are generally thoughtful and thorough, handcrafted presents can be the best gifts.

Handcrafted gifts are the best

Homemade presents also demonstrate to the recipient that you put a lot of thought and work into her gift, which she will undoubtedly enjoy.

How to Do It

Set aside some time to make a homemade gift that you believe the recipient will appreciate, such as homemade bath products, homemade cookie mixes, or homemade candles.

You may then either give the person a single homemade item or arrange the homemade products in a basket and give her a basket full of homemade items.

Making a DIY (do-it-yourself) item for the person’s home is another handmade choice. This may be a tiny piece of furniture, a wall hanging, or something for her balcony or garden.

If you enjoy cooking or baking, a batch of freshly baked cookies or an offer to cook dinner for the person may be appropriate gifts.

#8- As Part of The Gift, Give Your Time.

Offer to give the person your time if the individual is frequently anxious, depressed, overworked, or going through a difficult moment.

Give your time as a gift

How to Do It

  • This could be accomplished by performing all household duties. For example, a pregnant friend.
  • Giving your time can also benefit those with physical or mental problems. For example, you can offer to take her out to dinner and assist her for the night, or perform an errand for her that she would be unable to complete on her own.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I don’t know the person well

    Ans: You can give them hostess gift, or take them out for lunch.

  2. What is a unique way to give a gift?

    Ans: Make a lasting memory with the way you present a gift!

  3. What are the qualities of a good gift?

    Ans: Trust, sacrifice, kindness, intent, value, design

  4. How do you reveal a surprise present?

    Ans: Instead of handing over a gift-wrapped box, give your friend or partner a clue that leads them to where the gift is.

  5. How do you wrap cutely presents?

    Watch this video

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